A Happy Rhode Island Red Hen on Grass

Welcome to Our Farm

We are located on a fifth-generation farm near Mulkeytown in historic Franklin County, Illinois, approximately 17 miles northeast of Carbondale.

Using a combination of sustainable and organic methods, we raise eggs, produce, herbs and cut flowers. Our pasture-raised eggs are available in Carbondale at Arnold's Market, The Neighborhood Coop, and in Benton at King's Way Health Food Store.

Our premier product is Grass-Fed-Eggs.....Grass-Fed Eggs are eggs from grass-fed chickens: that is, happy outdoor chickens that have free range over an area rich in green growing plants. When you think of chickens, it's the kind of flock that you like to think about, and it's the kind of egg you want to eat. Of course our hens can't survive on grass alone, but they like grass, and eating it makes their eggs noticeably tastier and more nutritious. When you see pasture-raised hens like ours, you know that this is the way it's supposed to be. Nutrition, flavor, sustainability, & a bit of nostalgia -- grass-fed eggs from the Mulkeytown Fresh Farm have it all. Be sure to check out the Nutrition Information links below.

Just so you know, each and every animal on our farm is treated humanely, and is free to roam about. Our hens are in pastures with fencing around so they don't disappear and are not eaten by predators. All have ample room to roam, frolic and sunbathe. None of our hens are in barns or cages, none have been de-beaked or had their wings removed. Our hens have a fantastic life style.

Give our eggs a try. You'll love 'em. The Mulkeytown Fresh Farm -- Our Hens are on Grass!

Mulkeytown Fresh Farm -- Mulkeytown, Illinois